BMW X3 xDrive18d

The BMW X3 gets a new economical green variant called the BMW X3 xDrive18d, equipped with a 2.0 litre inline-4 turbodiesel producing 143 horsepower and 350Nm of torque. It is slotted under the xDrive20d.

2008’s World Green Car of the Year also had a 18d designation, as it was about this time last year that the 118d was announced WGCOTY 2008. Let’s compare the 118d to the X3 xDrive18d in terms of emissions.

BMW X3 xDrive18d

The BMW 118d emits just 119g/km. The X3 model puts out a fair bit more pollution at 165g/km of CO2 – that’s the difference a heavy SUV body and all-wheel drive will make.

But it’s still less polluting than the X3 xDrive25i that is sold here in Malaysia, that one puts out 228g/km of CO2 and is only EU4 compliant while the diesel models comply with EU5. Look after the jump for more images of the new xDrive18d.

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