Porsche 928
Click image to enlarge – artist’s impression by Theophilus Chin

The only front engine Porsches sold right now are the Cayenne and the new Panamera, which are SUV and 4-door models respectively.

Looking at how other luxury marques are having success selling front engine sports coupe models such as Aston Martins and the Ferrari 599 GTB Fionaro, Porsche is rumoured to be bringing back the 928.

Front engine cars like this offer the possibility of a larger boot space to enhance the vehicle’s tourer functions – the 599 has 320 litres while the Aston Martin V12 Vantage has 300 litres. In comparison, the 911 Turbo only has 105 litres of luggage space.

A modern day 928 would essentially be a two-door short wheelbase coupe version of the Porsche Panamera. It could be called the Panamera Coupe or get a new name.

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