Buick Business MPV

The Buick brand is possibly GM’s most successful brand out of the US and it’s quite big in China. The Buick GL8 was the 2nd most highest selling MPV in 2008 in China, selling 36,252 units second to the JAC Refine’s 36,304 units.

Here comes the Buick Business MPV Concept, which was designed and engineered by GM’s Pan Asian Technical Automotive Center. It’s designed to appeal to the upper class Chinese customer and styling-wise it looks like a larger version of the Opel Meriva concept showcased late year – you should be able to immediately recognise it by the shoulderline profile which takes a little dip in the middle before rising back up. Perhaps this is a “Grand Meriva”.

Buick Business MPV

There is no B-pillar and the rear doors slide rearward to offer full easy access to the interior, which features 6 individual seats that look rather comfortable. The middle row can be rotated to face the rear for easy meetings between 4 people, and there is even a table in the middle which you can use to place your notebook or something.

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