Weststar LDV

Russian-owned British vanmaker LDV was just about to file for administration when suddenly there is a new announcement that gives them some hope – our very own Weststar will be purchasing them for 1 British Pound. The deal includes LDV and Birmingham Pressings Ltd, which supplies metal parts for LDV.

Ex-army man Datuk Seri Syed Azman’s Weststar Group used to hold the franchise APs for Honda and Chevrolet, and in 2007 they partnered up with LDV to assemble their MAXUS LDV vans here in Malaysia for both local consumption and regional export. The vans are assembled at DRB-HICOM’s Pekan facility. There are various bodytypes sold here in Malaysian including a minibus and an ambulance variant (shown above).

The British government has extended LDV a 5 million British Pound bridging loan to help keep the company afloat while the Weststar deal is being completed.