Jaguar XJ Speculation
Click for hi-res enlarged image

We’re only about two months away from the unveiling of the all-new Jaguar XJ on the 9th of July 2009. All we have right now is a shot of the top of the car and a very short teaser video (watch after the jump) also featuring the same roof angle, but Theophilus Chin has whipped up some speculation for us based on the very little side views that we can see from the roof angle.

The new XJ will definitely have some family resemblance to the XF as the coupe-like roofline and the contours on the front bonnet are very visible from the teaser image. There is a rather interesting looking C-pillar which is visible in the teaser images, and Theophilus has used these clues to create his speculation.

A full panoramic glass roof as shown in the teaser will likely be an option if not standard, and like the XF, the XJ will be powered by a range of V6 and V8 engines.

2 more months to go!

VIDEO: Jaguar XJ Teaser