Kia XR

I have heard time and time again from enthusiastic Naza Kia management that a car company is all about the Brand, Product and Network. Sometime back Naza Kia embarked on a whole overhaul of their dealer network.

As per most of your reactions to the new products from the Korean marque such as the Kia Forte and Forte Koup, I believe that Kia has got the whole Product thing right, but it is hard for the marque to handle things such as Network directly as this is the responsibility of the country’s distributor. All 3 aspects have to move forward to bring Kia on par with the Japanese.

Kia cannot sell based on a cheap price tag forever as the Chinese manufacturers are quickly moving to fill in area part of the product landscape. Kia developed a 200 question 1000 point system for dealer development, and each country’s distributors have to follow this system in the evaluation and overhauling the Network part of Brand, Product and Network.

The results from the 1000 point system determines if a network outlet is graded from A to E. A, B and C outlets are recognised and rewarded, whereas strict efforts are put in place to either develop D and E outlets into at least B and C outlets or revoke their dealership. 24 Malaysian dealers scored sufficient points to be accorded ‘A’ which Kia Motors recognises as being Platinum-grade dealers. 18 are in the B grade, 2 in C, 2 in D and none in E (these E dealers have presumably been terminated).

In recognition of these efforts, Naza Kia was selected as the best in the Asia-Pacific region to win the Kia Asia-Pacific Network Development Award, based on the number of dealers developed and improved.