Grand Bentley
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Bentley has released this teaser image and video of a new car they call a “Grand Bentley”. Their press release includes a quote from what they say is Bentley’s first customer back in October 1921. “The reason I bought a Bentley was because of its exceptional performance in all respects on the road. Such features…leave nothing to be desired,” said Noel Van Raalte.

The new Grand Bentley has yet to be named but it will replace the flagship Arnage and will be, in their own words, “the epitome of Bentley”. Hopefully the all-new car will also feature an all-new engine, putting the 50 year old 6.75 litre two valve per cylinder pushrod V8 first introduced in the 1959 S2 Continental as a 6.23 litre to rest.

In its latest incarnation, the old engine puts out 530 horses and 1050Nm of torque through the help of turbocharging and intercooling. But that 1050Nm kicks in at a mid-range 3,250rpm which is not very impressive. The Arnage’s sibling the Continental is powered by a more modern engine, a Volkswagen W12.

Watch the teaser video after the jump.