Chatenet CH26

I don’t blame you if you think this is what happens when a Chinese car company cannot decide whether to rip off the MINI or the Alfa Romeo MiTo and decided to just do both at once. But no, this is actually a product of a French company, and the car is called the Chatenet CH26.

I’m sure you are wondering where did this Chatenet company come from. Automobiles Chatenet currently only has one other car for sale called the Barooder. That particular car is a tiny two-door with a 505cc engine that makes just over 20 horsepower. There is even a convertible version.

Chatenet CH26

The new CH26 however, is powered by a diesel engine (looks like there’s no turbo) and apparently it puts out just over 5 horsepower from a 523cc diesel? Even with a kerb weight of about 350kg that still seems awfully low. It measures 3065mm long, with a wheelbase of 2054mm.

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