Saab LogoIt appears that GM’s Saab division will go to Swedish luxury supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg, if final negotiations on the subject go well. A Swedish TV station reported late last week that a Letter of Intent was signed to take purchase negotiations one step further.

This new ownership could change the kind of cars that Saab offers. Currently as part of GM it kinda tries to be some kind of volume seller because that’s just the way GM does stuff, but probably because of branding and maybe product that strategy never did work out well. GM’s parts bin never did gel well with the kind of products the Saab brand used to stand for and the modern Saab’s attempt to be more friendly to the masses did not receive a hot response.

Under the new supercar maker owner, it could evolve into a more specialized manufacturer, producing niche cars for a smaller customer base. The only question is, will young Koenigsegg have the experience to manage a company like Saab? Fortunately for both Koenigsegg and Saab, the supercar management is not just made up of its young CEO, but also includes investors. Koenigsegg will also be bringing some other investors into the Saab deal later, because frankly I don’t think a niche supercar maker like Koenigsegg is able to afford to buy up Saab on its own.