One of Top Gear’s most highly guarded secret has been finally revealed, and yes, we are talking about the true identity of the show’s quirky track driver, The Stig. Prior to this, many have been linked to The Stig’s identity, including former British racing driver Ben Collins and reigning Formula 1 World Champion and fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton.

There was also the Black Stig, which was revealed as Perry McCarthy, former Formula 1 test driver and then ‘terminated’. On the premier of the show’s 13th season, The Stig was accompanied into the studio and while sitting on the guest seat, the man in white removed his helmet, and the 7 times Formula 1 World Champion was revealed!

So, is Michael Schumacher really The Stig? Or is this just another publicity stunt? Well, its up to you what to believe in, but if you ask me, I’d rather believe that there are a number Stigs around, not just one. Meanwhile, continue reading to watch a 54 second-long video of the reveal.