Drive For Cash

Good news for anyone who plans to buy a Proton in the next two months. Proton Edar is currently having a contest where anyone who buys a Proton from between the 1st of June 2009 to the 31st of August 2009 will be able to be eligible for entry. What you need to do is answer a few pre-determined questions (should be easy) and complete a slogan of less than 20 words beginning with “I prefer a PROTON because…

Every week, 30 entries will be selected from the entries received during that week. Out of this 30 entries, 17 will be selected as weekly winners for the week, while the remainder will be entered into a monthly pool to win the monthly winner prizes. Out of the 17 weekly winners, 2 will win RM5,000 each, while the rest will win a Proton GPS navigation unit.

Next we go to the monthly pool. There should be about 13 entries every week (30 minus 17), and with roughly 4 weeks a month you should have 52 entries each month. From this monthly pool, a number of entries will be selected. One entry from the monthly selection will win the monthly prize of RM20,000, while the rest goes into a Grand Prize pool, which will be picked at the end of the contest. The Grand Prize is RM50,000 cash.

The prizes will be awarded based on the number of correct answers and the best creative slogan based on Proton Edar Sdn Bhd’s panel of judges.

So as a recap of the prizes:

Weekly selection 2 x RM5000.00
Weekly 15 consolation x GPS System
Monthly selection 1 x RM20,000.00
Grand Prize 1 x RM50,000.00

Click here for more details on the contest.