Aston Martin Cygnet

Perhaps all those Myvis going around town sporting a faux E60 5-Series look had the right idea all along. The car above is not a joke – it’s the Aston Martin Cygnet, which is basically a Toyota iQ with Aston Martin design cues.

“Now is the right time for Aston Martin to take this first bold step to embark on this special project – made possible with the support of an organisation of Toyota’s stature and capability and the intelligent design and perfect city car package of the iQ. Much work is still required, but I am confident that this project could become reality in the not too distant future. This concept – akin to an exclusive tender to a luxury yacht – will allow us to apply Aston Martin design language, craftsmanship and brand values to a completely new segment of the market,” says Aston Martin Chief Executive, Dr Ulrich Bez.

I think the whole idea is that for Aston Martin drivers to buy a Cygnet and use it for short commutes, perhaps keeping the Aston Martin for longer trips that call for a GT car, or weekend drives to the golf course, that sort of thing. Well, that’s the official story they’re feeding us anyway. An alternative would be that Aston Martin is trying to reduce its overall average CO2 emissions ratings in order to comply with CO2 laws for its fleet of cars on sale. A low emissions iQ would be able to reduce the overall higher score of its more powerful sports cars. Maybe we’ll all get used to it later but for now I think Aston Martin design cues on a Toyota iQ looks ridiculous.

“The offering of a ‘Cygnet’ with a DBS, DB9 or Vantage is a unique combination of opposites and a novel transport solution allowing intelligent and sensitive mobility on an exclusive and innovative level,” Dr Ulrich Bez added.