SmartTagOur Prime Minister announced something interesting for road users in Malaysia on his 100th day as the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia. From the 1st of September 2009 onwards, there will be a discount for frequent users of tolls in Malaysia.

Details are sketchy at the moment but here is how it works. Any user who pays toll 80 times or more per month will be given a 20% discount. This is only for users of the Touch and Go and Smart Tag systems, and not for those who use cash to pay for their tolls.

Whether the discount will be for the entire amount of toll paid or just the 81st transaction onwards is not known yet. This discount will also be a temporary interim measure while the government completes a currently on-going study on toll rates (especially their affordability) in Malaysia which would take more time.

The government is also looking to implement more incentives for users to use electronic payment systems at tolls. The cash queues are currently just too long, but sometimes the Smart Tag and Touch and Go lanes are also jammed badly especially when you already have 5 to 10 cars in the queue and the dude at the front can’t seem to get the sensor to recognise his Smart Tag.

Another motorist-related announcement on that day: class B2 motorcycle licenses learning fee will be reduced to RM211 per person instead of the current supposed RM500 to RM700, thanks to negotiations between the government and driving schools. Is this true? Anyone know how much a B2 license really costs to take currently?