BMW Concept Car

This covered-up BMW concept was snapped by the lucky guys over at BMW has talked numerous times about a new sustainable sports car concept that they will unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 and this is most likely it.

It’s supposed to be some kind of electric sports car called the Z Vision Concept or Vision Z Concept. Technically, kidney grilles would be needed in this car since there would be no internal combustion engine at the front to cool down and yes, you can see this reflected in the seemingly lack of lower bumper air intakes, but its a BMW trademark and it’s even been given a shark nose kind of look to it.

They say this new concept previews the next generation 6-Series design cues, and if that is true it looks pretty damn good. An additional rumour is that BMW may add a RX-8-esque 4-door variant to the 6-Series range and call it the 6-Series Gran Turismo, thus reflected in this concept – it will be a four-door with small rear-hinged rear doors.

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