When RON95 is fully introduced this September, it will cost RM1.75 per litre, which is 5 sen cheaper than RON97 but also 5 sen more expensive than RON92, which will then be phased out. RON97 will be repositioned as a premium fuel with an unsubsidized price tag of RM2 per litre and above.

Once RON95 is out and becomes the mainstream fuel due to the way the new fuels will be price-structured, the game will be pretty much “reset”, with some consumers trying the new RON95 fuels to see which one feels the best with their car’s internal combustion engine. It’s definitely a renewed opportunity to impress and gain some new customers.

You have to remember one thing though. Over time thanks to normal wear and tear, especially on older cars fitted with carburettors which do not deliver the right amount of fuel as precisely as compared to fuel injection, your engine’s combustion chamber might have been “modified” by the dirty carbon deposits caused by the a less than perfect combustion process. Carbon deposits increase the compression ratio because their bulk volume reduces the volume of the combustion chamber at Top Dead Centre and in the end if your engine is tuned to have a minimum of RON95, it may end up knocking thus requiring a fuel of higher than the recommended RON.


Fuel additive packages like the Techron formula found in Caltex fuel that are engineered to provide superior keep-clean for the combustion chamber may be able to help such cars. Techron is a patented formulation of polyetheramine and other unique detergents and components which can help clean up the engine intake system, and fuel metering system and continuous use over time will be able to help keep those parts clean as well. It’s also good to give the engine a little pressure to help these formulas clean off the deposits effectively.

In fact in the US there is actually something called Top Tier Detergent Gasolines, a standardised rating created by BMW, GM, Honda, Toyota and subsequently with Volkswagen & Audi endorsements in 2007. It is a standard that defines the levels of detergency (cleaning ability to provide optimal fuel economy, performance and reduced emissions) of fuels higher than what the US EPA has set, and Chevron (Caltex)’s Techron fuels were the first fuel to meet the Top Tier standard as they did not have to change Techron formulation to meet the standards. It already has adequate amounts of detergency.

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