Porsche 911 Turbo Facelift

There’s a whole load of new videos on the new Porsche 911 Turbo released by the German sportscar company in conjunction with the new facelifted type 997 turbocharged sports car that was just unveiled a few days ago. If you check out the “Personality” video, Porsche even describes what exactly has changed with the car’s aesthetics. At first glance the two cars look the same and the changes are in the fine details. The videos are pretty long so take your time to enjoy them! :)

Efficiency demands Performance. The new 911 Turbo.

Description: Make a lot out of very little. Optimize the relationship between cost and benefit. In short: Efficiency demands performance. That was the principle of the first 911 Turbo in 1974 and it remains true today. The new 911 Turbo proves that this principle is more powerful, efficient and desirable than ever before.

911 Turbo – Athleticism

Description: True to the original performance concept from 1974: the rear-mounted, turbocharged engine. Enhanced with the efficiency of modern-day technology: DFI, VarioCam Plus, VTG.

911 Turbo – Personality

Description: The 911 Turbo remains in a class of its own. Also when it comes to design. The highly distinctive exterior is dynamic without being extravagant. Focusing on the essentials, it remains unmistakably 911. The interior combines impressive design with carefully thought-out technology to provide even more of the sporting style youd expect from the 911 Turbo.

911 Turbo – Responsibility

Description: The new 911 Turbo. The latest result of our ongoing efforts to challenge the limits of technical feasibility. Not only in terms of sports performance and everyday practicality, but also when it comes to the efficient use of resources. And the proof of a successful formula developed in 1974: efficiency demands performance.

911 Turbo – History

Description: The first 911 Turbo turned the sports car world upside down. We werent only presenting a powerful racecar, but an extraordinary idea. An opportunity to make a lot out of very little. Today, the 911 Turbo principle is even more powerful, efficient and desirable than ever before.

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