BMW X1 Headlamps

BMW has released the first TV commercial for the new BMW X1 SUV and from the looks of it they are clearly positioned it as an active lifestyle vehicle for you to go on major road trips with your friends, and of course it will be a new cheaper way to enter this particular segment of SUV (or SAV as BMW would rather the whole world call them).

By the way, I’ve just found out what that oddly tilted square lense positioned in the inner ring of the bi-xenon headlamp is. Apparently it is just a lense designed to direct the light from the inner lamp to light up the corona rings (popularly called angel eyes) of the headlamp. In a bi-xenon headlamp, the outer xenon lamp serves both low beam and high beam functions so the inner lamps mostly serve to light up the corona rings only. The adaptive cornering lights are located in the fog lamps.

Anyway look after the jump to watch the commercial and see the new X1 in action. The X1 is likely to be launched in Malaysia within the first half of 2010.