BMW ActiveHybrid

Some initial details and low-res photos of the upcoming hybrid versions of the 7-Series and X6 scheduled for public debut at the Frankfurt show this year have appeared on the internet. Both vehicles will be based on the 4.4 litre V8 engine but the 7-Series will have an electric motor, while the X6 will have two motors.

BMW ActiveHybrid

The turbocharged V8 and the two motors allow the X6 ActiveHybrid to produce a combined total of 478 horsepower and a massive 780Nm of torque, which is a full 100Nm more than the X6-M! Though its likely that none of the extra equipment require more space in terms of height in the engine bay, BMW has gone and added a powerdome to the X6’s bonnet anyway.

BMW ActiveHybrid

The 7-Series ActiveHybrid features a 459 horsepower and 760Nm combined total output. There is a fundamental difference between how these two hybrid systems work. The X6 can run on EV mode, which means it can move propelled by the electric motors alone with the V8 engine shut off (though only for 2.5km at speeds of up to 60km/h), while the 7-Series uses a motor assist setup which means the electric motor cannot be used standalone. Clearly not exactly positioned for those who really want to do their bit to save the earth or even save fuel, otherwise they would have based these babys on the 3.0 litre turbo six instead of the turbo V8.

GALLERY: BMW ActiveHybrid 7 Low-Res Pix

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GALLERY: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Low-Res Pix

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