New Infiniti M

The new Infiniti M is here. It was shown at the 59th Annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance as a 3D projection on a clay model but Infiniti have also released some product photos including one of the interior so we can check out the car’s details.

Two models will be offered – the M37 and the M56, with a V6 and V8 engine respectively. The M37 will be powered by Nissan’s new 3.7 litre V6 engine while the M56 will be powered by the 5.6 litre VK56DE twin-cam V8.

I can imagine many tuners flocking excitedly to the V8 engine as a smaller displacement variant of the VK engine is also used by Nismo in FIA GT1 racing in a V8-powered Nissan GT-R, producing over 600 horses. In stock form though it makes about 317 to 320 horses installed in various Nissan and Infiniti trucks depending on tune.

I’m not really digging the design – it feels too American but I suppose that’s how it has to be considering the brand’s primary market is the US. The current Infiniti M is sold in Japan as the Nissan Fuga so I think we can expect this to end up as the new Fuga.

Look after the jump for 4 photos of the new “M”.

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