Bentley Mulsanne

The new Bentley Mulsanne (pronounced mull-SAHN) will be the luxury carmaker’s star exhibit during the Frankfurt Show in September but they’ve already unveiled it to the public at the Pebble Beach Concourse, where it is likely that many of its potential owners are attending. After all, it is only the very rich who are able to restore rare classic cars to the pristine conditions that you can find at the Concourse.

The Bentley Mulsanne had been heralded as the “New Grand Bentley” in a teaser campaign leading up to this unveiling, and is inspired by the 1930s Bentley 8-litre. For now we only know what the Mulsanne looks like, but for whats under the hood as well as any other trickeries that Bentley have up their sleeves, we’ll have to wait for the Frankfurt show. Too bad they didn’t have anything up their sleeves with the design, as I feel it isn’t particularly interesting.

The Mulsanne will replace the Arnage as Bentley’s ultimate flagship. We have no photos of the interior yet thus far but Bentley says the interior is hand-crafted and takes a total of 40 labour hours to produce. They’re planning to sell about 700 units this year.

There is a circuit called the Circuit de la Sarthe in France used in the sports car endurance race 24 Hours of Le Mans. The road features the long straight Ligne Droite des Hunaudières leading to Mulsanne, making a tight right hand turn before the entrance of the village itself. The famous straightaway is often called the Mulsanne Straight, and the original Bentley Mulsanne that was launched in 1980 was named after this.

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