Gordon Murray iCentre
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Some say Gordon Murray Design’s T.25 City Car will change the way we look at small compact city cars, and also at how they’re designed and built. The T.25 is designed to be licensable to people who want to build them so we could even see a potential Apple iCar if they thought there was a market for it.

The latest bit of info is the car’s seating layout, which you can see in the newly released image found above (click it to view an enlarged view). The T.25’s driver sits in a central driving position which Gordon Murray calls ‘iCentre’. Very Apple-like isn’t it?

Murray is clearly a fan of the centre seating position as his McLaren F1 also featured a similiar position, with the driver in the middle and two passengers flanking him seated rearwards.

You can see the various seating positions allow a combination of three adults or have this varied with kids and storage space. In the full ‘shopping mode’ where all the non-driver space is used for goods, Gordon Murray Design claims a maximum of 750 litres of storage space. The car does not have a gear lever so you can forget about a stick shift, instead it has push buttons that say Forward, Reverse and Neutral.

GMD also says the iStream method of producing the T.25 and future models from the company will reduce the cost of a typical car factory by 80%. This is all quite interesting. Will the T.25 make obsolete the automobile we know today?