The good news – Honda now has a dual-clutch transmission. The bad news (for most of us anyway) is that it’s a transmission for large sport bikes, so you’re not going to see a twin clutch in a Civic for now.

Honda claims this is the first fully automatic motorcycle dual clutch transmission for large-displacement sport bikes in the world. The transmission will make its production debut in a Honda VFR in Europe and North America in 2010, with Japanese sales to start later.


Like most twin clutch transmission, even gears are on one clutch and the odd gears are on the other. This twin clutch has a total of 6 forward gears, and you can either leave the gearbox in full auto mode (two available – regular D and S for sporty) or change to a 6-speed manual mode.

Honda VFRs are currently in use by our Royal Malaysian Police for some of its big bikes. Perhaps they can upgrade to these sometime in the future so the cops can focus on maneuvering their bikes in a chase and take their minds off clutching and shifting.

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