Audi Vertical Run

Audi will be using the Playstation Home “gaming social media” service as part of its Audi e-tron concept’s marketing campaign. I’m not sure if motoring and gaming go together so I think some explanation on what exactly Playstation Home must come first. Essentially its a community that you can access on your PS3, and membership is free.

Users can travel throughout the Home world within their region, and the world is constantly updated by Sony and partners. Each part of the world is known as a space. Public spaces can just be for display, fun, or for meeting people.

Audi has set up its own space, quite generically but aptly called the Audi Space. Basically you can head onto the Audi Space to check out the e-tron concept. The Playstation Home world also includes free minigames within the world, so Audi has also come up with a game called Vertical Run. It will only be launched in December though.

The goal of Vertical Run is to beat the competition in a multiplayer challenge by collecting enough electrical energy and avoiding driving errors in the e-tron, in order to reach the highest possible speed. The best drivers in the Vertical Run game will be able to access special spaces around the world called “Audi apartments”, though I’m not sure what exactly are in the apartments.