What exactly is a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE China Limited Edition? For some xenophobes, anything that’s associated with the word China is likely to be scorned upon. But maybe this car will change their mind. It just shows us how important China is becoming in our world economy. More and more people are interested in Chinese culture now and need to learn the language to conduct trade.


The 599 China Limited Edition was developed together with Chinese artist Lu Hao. The car comes in a two-tone paint that I think looks pretty good actually, maybe some Ferrari owners could like to emulate it on their existing cars. The body is red as usual (this shade is called Rosso Fuoco, or fire red) but the pillars and roof is done in a shade of medium grey.


There is more to remind you that this is a special edition car on the inside. Just look at the rev counter! I took some Mandarin classes when I was very young and that’s all gone to waste now but I can still recognise the numbers one to four.


And of course like its very long name suggests, the car also gets the HGTE package. Less than 12 will be made and there is one one-off car that will be sold in an auction. For this one, the “cracked glaze” pattern of the paintjob was inspired by the Ge Liln porcelain of the Song Dynasty. Er, I’d rather stick with the red and grey paintjob. A vase, no matter how expensive or precious it is, doesn’t exactly tie in with the qualities that one would associate with a Ferrari.

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