Shell FuelSave Unleaded
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It’s just been a month since Shell was supposed to have officially rolled out their new RON95 fuel, but now they’ve decided to introduce an updated formula.

Their fuel is now called Shell FuelSave Unleaded 95 and Shell FuelSave Unleaded 97, and Shell claims it can help motorists save up to 1 litre from every full tank – with a full tank calculated as 50 litres of course.

Savings of 1 litre out of 50 litres can be said a few ways to better help understand it. It can either be a 5% fuel saving, or an extra 10 to 12km depending on how much fuel your engine normally drinks, or RM1.80 per tank.


Shell claims the new formula contains an ingredient that is active in your engine from the moment you start using it, not just after one full tank. It’s called and Efficiency Improver and it’s designed to help lubricate engine parts where normal engine oils cannot easily reach, as the fuel comes in from the top and naturally engine oil has to fight against gravity.

I personally have not tried the fuel yet but if you decide to give it a shot please share your experiences here. I’ve actually seen the promo posters for this before the launch today so you could already have this new formula in your fuel tank if you’ve pumped a full tank in the past 2 or 3 days.