Porsche Panamera Cabriolet

Porsche insiders have revealed that a convertible version of the Panamera is coming up, and it will have its two rear doors dropped to increase chassis rigidity, making up for the lack of a roof. Porsche also wants to minimize the weight of the extra chassis reinforcements needed, which would swell up if it also had to make up for the fact that it had four doors.

Official statements from the company have been vague so far although they definitely point in a positive direction. “We have a broad range of 14 derivatives of the 911 that are very successful. So it stands to reason we should diversify the lineup for the Panamera as well,” said Porsche development chief Wolfgang Duerheimer. According to the insiders, the premium of having a convertible roof should add about 11,000 Euros to the roofed version’s price.