Caltex Techron DThe new Euro2M specification Caltex Diesel with Techron D has been available at Caltex stations nationwide since the 1st of September 2009. In addition to complying with the new Euro2M specifications, the Techron D additive is a new formulation which has a few benefits according to lab tests:

  • Produce cleaner fuel injectors with 47% more flow resulting in 6% more power.  In a diesel engine, keeping the fuel injectors clean is critical as diesel fuel injectors are prone to deposits clogging.  Deposits can upset the injector spray pattern and hinder the fuel-air mixing process and this can result in decreased fuel economy, increased emissions and compromise engine performance. In the very latest engines, each hole in a fuel injector may be as small as the width of two human hairs. The potential for negative impact from injector deposits is increasing as diesel engines become more sophisticated.
  • Protect metal surfaces against corrosion.
  • Produce 83% less foam, making it easier for the diesel to be filled.

The above benefits were measured in a lab test compared to a “reference diesel” without the Techron D additive. Has anyone with a diesel vehicle tried Caltex Diesel yet, or any of the new Euro 2M diesels? How do you find it compared to the old MS123 diesel on sale before the 1st of September?