Pininfarina is a name that has been heavily associated with Ferrari, but it’s going to have its own car soon. They are scheduled to introduce their new all-electric Bluecar in 2011.

The production Bluecar that was unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show is a 5-door 4-seater compact MPV powered by a Lithium Polymer battery pack, which along with a supercapacity energy storage system can enable the car to deliver 250km of driving range. It would take a few hours to recharge the batteries (via a 230V power outlet) and Pininfarina revealed the batteries will have a life-span of 200,000 km. For once, a car manufacturer that’s honest about the lifespan of the battery they’re putting into their cars!

The Bluecar EV also has solar panels on the roof which can help recharge the batteries. The vehicle will be produced as part of a joint venture with French industrialist Vincent Bollore. Bollore may be interested in manufacturing his own batteries for the Bluecar in France. Regarding the matter, Pininfarina’s CEO, Silvio Pietro Agnori told Italian press, “Bollore is probably interested in providing the battery to the world, and we are interested in designing electric cars for other manufacturers.”