Volkswagen E-Up!
Volkswagen E-Up! Concept – an EV based on the Up! NSF platform

A small storm is brewing within the Volkswagen group, not something we can see on the outside, but enough that a very important car has its launch delayed by a few months. Volkswagen group production head Joachem Heizmann told German publication Automobilwoche that the Volkswagen Up will only start production after March 2011, which is later than his boss Martin Winterkorn had hoped.

The reason? Time-consuming petty jealousies between various departments and brands. Right now, Volkswagen group brands that are confirmed to be selling a version of Volkswagen Up! are the Volkswagen brand and the more value-oriented Skoda brand. These two brands are represented in Malaysia respectively by the principal themselves (VW Malaysia), and a unit of the Berjaya Group (Skoda – Quasar Carriage).

While the Up! is expected to satisfy the market of consumers that are looking for smaller and more fuel efficient transportation, bear in mind that when such cars come to Malaysia, unless things change with the policies and taxation system here it may not necessarily gel with the whole affordable transportation anymore.

Countries that are designated as “developing countries” such as ours are usually offered special models low-cost models – just look at what is sold in South America and Eastern Europe and you will get an idea.