Lexus LFA - Live

Here’s a few shots of the Lexus LFA supercar live from the Tokyo Motorshow 2009 this morning, which was pretty much the most exciting exhibit at the Toyota and Lexus displays as the rest of the cars had already been unveiled in press release and product image form before the motorshow. Only a certain ‘2 seater supercar’ had been withheld until the motorshow press day itself.

The LFA really sounded great in real life thanks to its high-revving V10 with individual throttle bodies. Can’t say the same about its looks though. The individual design elements don’t really seem to gel together that well.

Anyway, words can only say so much. After the jump you’ll find a few things – live shots of the LFA, two product shots of the LFA, and a video of the Lexus LFA unveiling at the motorshow this morning.

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VIDEO: Lexus LFA unveiling at Tokyo Motorshow 2009

VIDEO: Lexus LFA – Promo Footage 1

VIDEO: Lexus LFA – Promo Footage 2

VIDEO: Toyota Showcase Opening at Tokyo Motorshow 2009