With the Honda FR-V (also called the Edix) now gone, many are calling this new Skydeck concept a preview of what could end up being the next generation 6-seater Honda. But in reality while it seats 6, the seating positions are quite different from the Edix.

The Edix was Honda’s take on the Fiat Multipla’s seating configuration – it sat three people each in two rows.


This new Honda Skydeck Concept sits 6, but in three rows of 2 individual seats each. This makes it look more like a Japanese Mercedes-Benz R-Class instead. The seats are quite interesting – it uses a mesh construction for the backrest, much like the ergonomic office chairs that you see on sale very often these days.


The Skydeck’s interior is actually quite bare and devoid of any details, with the dashboard instead just being paneled mostly with a light wood grain. The rest of the cabin also carries a minimalist theme.


I managed to snap up-close shots of the interior. The above knob shows that Honda might be up to a new iDrive-like interface for its cars. What we can see here is a knob flanked by three buttons saying Back, Audio/Navi and Menu. It might just be a funky position for a main audio system control knob though.

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