Bentley has come up with a few accessories for Bentley owners. Being the classy behemoths that they are, its not exactly common and tasteful for someone to slap on giant spinners and cover your Bentley with a psychedelic bright orange paintjob, but these subtle additions are nice for those who are really itchy to do something with their cars.

First up is a car cover for your Bentley available for the Continental Supersports and Series 51 GT and GTC models. And why? Oh, in case there’s no covered parking in your mansion for your car of course.

These wheel badges are self-levelling at speeds of up to 112km/h, which means although your wheels are spinning the Bentley logo will look like it stays static and upright.

This is a very expensive “Jewelled Torch” that can be charged via the car’s cigar lighter. A Bentley ‘B’ logo is lasered onto the torch lense, and Bentley’s unique knurling has been added around the beam adjustment bezel. Comes in a posh looking box as well.

Ah, for the Bentley owner with young ones. The leather can be done to match your car’s interior, including the same piping, fluting and hand-stitching. If you want, your kid’s name can also be embroidered on the seat back beneath the Bentley Wings.

And finally there are vented wings (front fender) for the Continental GT and GTC, styled by Raul Pires. The vents have a black mesh finish but Bentley will also offer a chrome mesh version in early 2010.

I’ve always wondered how different the car ownership experience is for those that are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They never had the equivalent of some old Satria, Wira or Kelisa and saved up every month to do small little mods to get it to perform a little better or look just a wee bit more exciting.