Peugeot RCZ
New baby sportscar will be smaller version of the RCZ, which is based on the 308

It seems that engine technology cannot keep up with high fuel prices (you will of course get a big improvement when you jump from petrol to diesel) and the logical solution is to go for smaller and lighter cars to reduce fuel consumption. When this happens to consumer buying decisions, manufacturers have to be ready with downsized versions of traditional bodytypes. That is why Land Rover created the compact LRX.

It is also why we now hear news of a new Peugeot 208 RCZ that will be released when the 208 range replaces the current 207 range. The 208 RCZ will basically be a downsized version of the 308 RCZ. A sporty baby coupe with a small and frugal engine will compete with a new range of small sports cars like the Honda CRZ, the MINI Coupe/Roadster, and the supposedly upcoming Prius Coupe and BMW Z2. Things used to be this way in the past – look at the Mazda MX5. Mazda still sells the MX5 from the past with bits and pieces changed and updated along the way and of all the sudden the MX5 is very relevant again.

Source – AutoExpress has artist’s impressions based on the Hyundai Veloster.