BMW has officially unveiled the all new 5-Series that is set to take on Mercedes-Benz’s E-Class mid-sized sedan. Several models have been announced along with the launch including the 523i, 528i, 535i and the 550i from the petrol family and the 520d, 525d as well as the 530d from the diesel family. Pricing has been released and in Germany, one can own this new 5-Series for 39,950 Euros. That amount of money will get you the 520d.

Both the 525d and 530d go for 44,700 Euros and 49,300 Euros repectively. For the petrol front, pricing starts from 41,900 Euros for the 523i model. The 528i goes for 45,400 Euros while the 535i version breaks the 50,000 Euros mark with its 50,300 Euros price tag. The most powerful model of all, the 550i that outputs 407hp and 600Nm of torque thanks to its 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 carries a 70,500 Euros price tag.