Looking more at home at the Tokyo show than LA is the Honda P-NUT Concept,a futuristic vision for an compact and sophisticated “city coupe”.

Penned by Honda’s Los Angeles studio, the idea is not exactly new – the P-NUT (Personal-Neo Urban Transport) is another small footprint machine to weave in and out of tight urban spaces. It combines a central driving position and a rear powertrain layout, which influence the interesting design; the roofline originates from the front grille (if you can call it that) flowing up in a ‘V’ shape – not the most space efficient but a non issue in the P-NUT which only has one front row seat. Visiblity should be panoramic, like in a glasshouse. The driver’s throne is flanked by two rear seats, and Honda says legroom for all occupants is the equivalent of a mid-sized sedan.

The P-NUT’s modular rear engine bay is designed to accommodate a variety of potential propulsion tech including a small internal combustion engine, a hybrid system, or a battery-electric powertrain.

Have a closer look at this P-NUT after the jump!

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