First we saw the sketch, and now the production model has been revealed. This is Mitsubishi’s new compact crossover that will go on sale in Europe in Japan from February next year onwards, before touching European soils at Geneva 2010.

The new ‘compact crossover’ is called the Mitsubishi RVR, and will be powered by a new 1.8 litre MIVEC engine. Mitsubishi says this is all-new but it could be the 4B10, a smaller version of the 2.0 litre 4B11 found in the Mitsubishi Lancer GT here in Malaysia.


The new Mitsubishi RVR is about 4,300mm in length (we don’t have the full dimension numbers yet as this is just an initial unveiling), but a 4.3 meter length is much longer tan the Toyota Urban Cruiser’s 3,930mm length. 4.3 meters is much closer to the short wheelbase Toyota RAV4’s 4,395mm length and Peugeot 3008’s 4,365mm length.

You could probably consider it a tall riding version of the Lancer Sportback. These two shots are all we have right now so I’ll update you later when there are more, especially shots of the interior.