The big green monster you see above is the eRUF Stormster grun (German for Green), a Porsche Cayenne powered by a Siemens electric motor and lithium ion batteries from Li-Tec. You can get it either with the “grun” body above or a standard Cayenne body.

It’s not going to be scorchingly fast though – because of the massive 2,670kg weight, the 270kW (367hp) electric motor can only take the Stormster up to 100km/h in 10 seconds. That’s just quite sad – for a car to start feeling reasonably fast it has to breach the 8 second mark. The baseline Cayenne with the 3.6 litre V6 can do the sprint in 7.5 seconds. I guess that’s the price to pay for zero emissions.

Other battery and motor related vital stats include a 200km range and a top speed of 150km/h.