This piece of news actually appeared on the MITI website in August this year – it reveals that Proton is currently working with South Korean company LG on Proton electric cars (not sure where Detroit Electric have gone). We’re talking about pure electric vehicles with zero emissions, driven by an electric motor powered by a battery.

According to the report, the electric drive module can be recharged from a regular household electricity socket and can go about 200km on a single charge. The report also speculates that with advancement in battery technology, future ranges can be expected in around the 600km range.

Proton has worked with LG on various projects in the past. LG CNS has worked on various areas in the Proton Savvy, Proton Saga and Proton Exora project in the past. I think we can safely say that Proton-LG projects generally produce results that can make their way into production so we can probably see the fruits of this project on our roads sometime in the future.

We currently don’t have the infrastructure to support medium to long distance electric car journeys in our country. With ranges of 200km, you can only travel within the city and back to your home at night to recharge your vehicle. For longer distances such as inter-state journeys where you have to spend your next night in a place that is not your home, it may be hard to find somewhere to charge your car.

Sure, you can plug your car into any wall socket but then there is also a question of finding somewhere to park which has a wall socket, and how do we work out how much to pay and to whom to pay for the electricity used?

So for now I think we might see hybrid Protons first, before electric Protons are sold in this country. Proton is currently working with Lotus for hybrid car development, and a few units of hybrid Proton Exora MPVs are currently on test in the UK and are due to be shipped to Malaysia for further testing within the next quarter. As for Proton electric cars, we’ve seen an electric Saga concept before.

It is good that Proton is expediting electric car development now instead of waiting for our local infrastructure to be developed. After all, EVs are already in use in countries like the UK and Proton must think like a global manufacturer which has the world as its market, not just Malaysia. And it looks like it is doing just that, with the development of these electric vehicles.

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