Mazda Carol

We saw a concept car showcased by Suzuki with the name “Alto Concept” that looked completely different (and nicer) from the Alto that’s selling in countries like India. And today, we see that different Alto body get announced for production, but not with a Suzuki badge. The car above is the new full model change Mazda Carol and it’s essentially a badge engineered Alto, a common practice between Japanese compact carmakers.

You can have it with either a 5-speed manual, a 4-speed automatic or a CVT transmission. There is also a 4WD CVT model as well as a 4WD 4-speed auto model, surprisingly. The sole engine option is a 660cc VVT engine. The front wheel drive CVT version is claimed to be able to achieve 24.5km per litre according to the 10-15 cycle.

This may not be relevant info for us but all variants of the Carol qualify for Japan’s eco-car tax reductions (grades with CVT or five-speed manual qualify for 75 percent reductions while 4-speed auto models get 50 percent reductions). All grades also qualify for Japan’s eco-car incentive program which has various incentives like tax incentives and etc. Compared to the bigger Mazda Axela, only 6 out of 9 Axela variants qualify for the incentive program.

Look after the jump for hi-res photos of the new Mazda Carol.

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