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There has been a last minute update with Saab – a very last minute revised offer from Spyker which apparently addresses and eliminates 11 key “issues” which prevented the deal from going through. The new deal also does not require a loan from the European Investment Bank, but Spyker did not reveal details on how it would be alternately financed. Spyker is backed by its largest investor, the Convers Group from Russia.

“We have made every effort to resolve the issues that were preventing the conclusion of this matter and we have asked GM and all other involved parties to seriously consider this offer. We are very confident that our renewed offer will remove the impasse that was standing in the way of an agreement on Friday, and this would still allow us to conclude the deal prior to the expiry of the deadline originally set by GM of December 31,” said Spyker boss Victor Muller today.

The new Spyker offer would only be valid until 5:00 PM EST on Monday. Right now at time of posting it’s almost 1PM EST on Sunday so there’s still a good 28 hours to go before we finally say goodbye to Saab, if the deal does not go through. I really don’t know what these 11 points are but I’m really wondering what they could be, such important details that warranted killing the brand instead of passing it on to new and fresh hands which would at least try to make it work.