What’s a successful halo car? In our opinion, a halo car has fulfilled its purpose if models below it start to ape big brother. The Lancer Evo is a classic example, and Audi seems to have executed a similar masterstroke with its R8 supercar. The mid-engined beauty that Tony Stark drives is so cool that it’s inspiring “R8 style” kits for cars like the Audi A5 and TT.

German tuner Hofele Design takes a shot at this direction with kits for the A5 Coupe, Convertible and Sportback. It comes with an R8-look front bumper with the air vents below the headlamps. Coupe and Convertible owners can even match it with the R8’s signature side blades and a rear bumper with faux air-outlets and integrated diffuser. Four exhaust tips complete the “transformation”.

Style is subjective – some might like it, but we think that these add-ons contaminate the sleek, classy design of the A5. Not to mention proclaiming to the whole world that “I can’t afford an R8”. I have seen an Audi TT with similar looks in the Klang Valley and was nearly fooled, from a distance I must add.

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