Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak revealed to members of the media on Friday that the government is at the final stage of restructuring highway toll rates and that an official announcement will be made by the premier. “We are now in the final stage, and I will make an announcement,” he said.

The new toll rates “will reflect consumer interests and satisfaction as well as a high level of highway quality” according to the Prime Minister. He revealed to the members of the press during the opening ceremony of Persada Plus which is Plus Expressway Berhad’s main headquarters. Najib assured that the new toll rates will be reasonable but did hint that the rates may travel upwards.

“Additional lanes should be added to congested stretches immediately. As the cost, this can be negotiated with the government because we practise the principle of cost-sharing. The people will not mind if there is a slight increase in toll rates, provided traffic flow is smooth without any congestion,” were his exact words.

He also explained that the highway system plays an important role in the growth of a locality and new industrial sites. This will then give a positive impact to the economy. “I believe our highway system can spur a high level of economic growth because the movement of people, goods and services depends on a sophisticated and quality highway network,” he added. Unfortunately we can only guess when the announcement will be made. Thanks to Zali for the pointer!