Peugeot SR1

Right now with the Detroit Motorshow coming up real soon, you’d think that the car manufacturers would be all about Detroit, but Peugeot is already setting up the stage for its more Euro-centric Geneva exhibit coming up soon. Understandably, as it has no North American presence whatsoever.

And Peugeot’s Geneva exhibit is a very important exhibit indeed, as the new Peugeot SR1 concept car will be shown to the public for the first time, a car which features Peugeot’s new design direction for the new decade!

New Peugeot LogoAnd there you have it. The huge wide mouthed grille is now gone, replaced by a slimmer and sleeker version. The car also features a restyled version of Peugeot’s logo, shown on the left. It’s a very good looking coupe indeed, and the hard top can be taken off for open top driving pleasure. Looks like some sort of a baby Aston Martin with an inverted grille.

Powering the SR1 concept is a combination of motors, producing a total of 313 horsepower peak output. It is a hybrid, using HYbrid4 technology that combined a 218 horsepower 1.6 litre THP turbo engine at the front and a rear electric motor (yes, all wheel drive) making 95 horses. The SR1 can also run on the electric motor alone, turning it into a zero emissions vehicle. Peugeot claims 57.7mpg on the Euro combined cycle.

The SR1’s chassis is built with a one piece body incorporating a tubular structure. The mechanical components and suspension bits are then mounted onto this tubular chassis. You get double wishbones with drop links at both front and rear, and there is also four-wheel steering using motorised links on the rear suspension wishbones to control the rear wheel angles.

Look after the jump for hi-res photos of the new SR1.

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