Here we have it, the first photo of a production Detroit Electric EV on this blog. Only thing is this was made in 1914. This is the Detroit Electric Brougham and it was owned by Henry Ford’s wife.

Henry Ford actually bought this Detroit Electric for his wife because during that time, a Detroit Electric was pretty much considered a woman’s car. It was easier to start, quieter and cleaner than its combustion engine counterparts, putting it in favor of the urban women of that time. If you check out the photo gallery of the Detroit Electric car after the jump, you can even spot a little flower vase in the interior, so the Volkswagen New Beetle wasn’t the first with the idea!

I’m here in Michigan for the 2010 North American International Auto Show, also commonly referred to as the Detroit Auto Show. The show only starts on Monday so we had the opportunity to check out some of the nearby attractions such as the Henry Ford Museum near where we were staying in Dearborn, the hometown of Henry Ford and the HQ of the Ford Motor Company.

And as for the modern revived Detroit Electric – not sure when we’re going to see a production car from them. Look after the jump for more shots I snapped at the museum.

GALLERY: The Detroit Electric Car

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GALLERY: The Henry Ford Museum Exhibits

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