Ford announced that it will introduce nine new or upgraded engines and six new transmissions at the 2010 Detroit show that starts later tonight (Malaysian time) as part of a five-year effort to overhaul its powertrain portfolio. The push began in 2008 and continues through 2013, where 60 new or significantly upgraded engines, transmissions and transaxles will be launched globally.

One of the Detroit debuts will be a normally aspirated 2.0-litre direct injection engine, the first of its kind for Ford in North America. It will be for the next-gen Focus, which should be uncovered as well. In 2010, Ford will launch new engines and transmissions in the Fiesta, Mustang, Super Duty and F-150, expected to propel each vehicle’s fuel economy to be best-in-class.

For instance, the Fiesta’s Ti-VCT 1.6-litre engine and PowerShift dual-clutch ‘box will deliver an estimated 14.2 km/l on the highway. The Mustang’s new 305 bhp, 3.7-litre V6 with six-speed auto will deliver at least 10.6 km/l on the highway. No other V6 powered sports coupe in the world delivers this level of performance and fuel economy, Ford says.

Another ongoing mission is to reduce drivetrain weight. Ford has also caught the downsizing bug too. By 2013, it plans to offer EcoBoost (Ford’s name for turbo) engines on 90% of its product lineup with annual volume of 1.3 million units globally. Now that doesn’t mean it’s going to be on 90% of all models, it just means its just going to be at least 1 engine option for 90% of its car models. According to Ford, current EcoBoost models are delivering up to 20% improvement in fuel economy and a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions versus bigger-cc engines.

Full list of new engines and gearboxes that will be launched after the jump.

1.6-litre Fiesta I-4
2.0-litre Focus DI I-4
2.0-litre Ecoboost I-4
3.5-litre F-150 EcoBoost V-6
3.7-litre Mustang V-6
5.0-litre Mustang V-8
5.4-litre Shelby GT 500 V-8
6.2-litre Super Duty (gas)
6.7-litre Super Duty Power Stroke

6-speed automatic FWD
6-speed PowerShift Fiesta
6-speed PowerShift Focus
6-speed manual Mustang
6-speed automatic Mustang
6-speed automatic TorqShift Super Duty