Cadillac has of late been quite successful in ditching its old man’s car image, spearheaded by hip-hop’s favourite SUV, the Escalade, and the sharply styled CTS sports sedan. But some remnants of its conservative past remains in the range, such as the DTS, which looks stuck in the 90s and totally out of sync with Caddy’s new image.

For Detroit, GM’s luxury brand shows off the XTS Platinum concept, a big car application of Cadillac’s “Art & Science” design language which would complete the brand transformation should it replace the STS/DTS. It’s pretty much the big brother of the CTS – carrying the same sharp, angular lines, but with more restraint.

The XTS is powered by a 3.6-litre direct injection V6 paired with a plug-in hybrid system, which is estimated to produce 350 bhp and 400 Nm. The concept uses an AWD chassis. The XTS’ Magnetic Ride Control uses shocks controlled by magneto-rheological tech, rather than mechanical valves, to govern body control and ride comfort.

Like current Platinum Edition Caddys, the concept’s interior is full of hand cut-and-sewn materials. The XTS injects more contemporary forms and themes into the cabin, including the use of Organic LED displays in place of traditional gauges and screens, which contrasts the warm wood trim. “We envisioned this concept as an automotive personal headquarters, using advanced technology to enable new levels of connectivity and luxury,” said Bryan Nesbitt, Cadillac’s GM.

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