Volvo now has a dealership in Sabah, operated by Angkatan Hebat Sdn Bhd. The new showroom is located at the 1 Borneo Lifestyle Hypermall on Jalan Sulaman and will serve the entire Sabah market, since it is the only dealership there. The Angkatan Hebat dealership is in fact the only Volvo dealership in the whole of East Malaysia. Now the people of Sabah will be able to enjoy the Volvo XC90 with a dealership to support the repairs and maintenance.

This was bound to happen. Early last year we got news of the Sabah government replacing their fleet of executive Perdanas to 2.5 litre Volvos through Angkatan Hebat, a majority state-owned company. Angkatan Hebat manages the state’s fleet and last I checked, they are 70% owned by the state government’s investment arm.