Last week we carried a feature that gave you an insight into how a new BMW such as the new F10 5-Series came to be. Even the deciding on the aesthetic design alone is a long process which involves multiple rounds of ‘competition’ and then refinement.

Today we have the same but the car featured here is the new BMW 5-Series GT, which made its appearance before the sedan. I personally think the new 5 GT isn’t even a 5 at all, its more of a 7 Hatchback with a lower price tag. It’s an odd little thing, like a low rider X6 of sorts. I’m sure we are all still wondering what BMW was smoking when they came up with the 5 GT. But wonder no more. BMW actually reveals how the 5 GT came to be in a 3-part series of videos, again showcasing their development process.

Check out the videos after the jump in sequence.