GM’s European unit have unveiled the interior for its new Vauxhall/Opel Meriva compact MPV! The Meriva is an MPV in the B-segment, built on GM’s Gamma/SCCS platform so I don’t think its a Zafira replacement, which is a C-segment vehicle.

A key feature of the Meriva being touted extensively in press releases (and probably soon ad campaigns) are the vehicle’s FlexDoors, which are basically rear-hinged suicide doors for the rear doors. GM says this provides easier access into the interior, and it’s probably one of the very few examples of suicide doors on a concept car making it to production. But since the B-pillar remains, I don’t see how it being rear-hinged changes anything.

The Meriva will also have a ‘FlexRail’ system which is basically a storage zone for random items like handbags, books, iPods, sunglasses, etc. FlexRail’s floor module comprises two cup holders, Aux-in/USB connections and a 12-volt socket.

Above this area, there are two polished aluminum rails, and on the top of the line SE model, there is a flip-top armrest module attached with a smaller cupholder tray below it. Both can be shifted into a variety of fixed positions along the rails, while rear seat passengers benefit from the option of a rear armrest module, which can be fitted to the centre seat back section when it’s folded down between them.

And finally the final ‘Flex’ feature is FlexSpace, which allows various cabin configs without having to remove any seats. Both outer rear seats can be moved fore and aft individually, and can also slide inwards o provide more shoulder width and leg room in a spacious four-seat layout. Additionally, rear seat backs can be fully lowered without having to remove their head restraints. The Meriva’s boot capacity grows from 400 litres up to 920 litres with the seatbacks folded. If you use all the space up to the roof, 1500 litres of capacity is available.

The Meriva strikes an uncanny resemblance to the Suzuki MPV concept shown in India this month but that could be due to the fact that GM used to have some kind of stake in Suzuki. But Suzuki is in bed with Volkswagen now.

Look after the jump for hi-res images of the new Meriva.

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