The Lexus LFA was unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo motor show with a huge pricetag of US$375,000, more than many supercars. But there’s nothing run of the mill about the exquisite materials used for this 552 bhp hand built machine (no expense spared, Toyota will make a loss on every unit sold) or the limited run of just 500 units. And then there’s that hair-raising F1-style noise the V10 makes!

Lexus has announced that the number of formal expressions of interest in the LFA is already over 500. This doesn’t mean that anyone wanting to own an LFA has missed their chance, as you can still register your interest up to mid-March. At the end of the Geneva motor show, the 500 units will be allocated across 56 countries where they are on sale, with confirmed orders with deposits to be taken from the end of May.

Interested? How about showing up at Lexus Malaysia in your Ferrari 599 and entourage, plonk a bag of cash and absolutely demand that they bring in one LFA for you!